What I’m Reading: BabyCakes, How to Take a Month Off and Top Qualities in a Community Manager

It’s well-documented on this blog that I read…obsessively. From news sites, to books, magazines, a vast array of blogs, social media, public relations and marketing e-newsletters, my inbox is always jam-packed. And, it’s all my fault. But, before you call the producers of hoarders (the e-mail inbox edition), let me share a few unique articles that you may have missed over the past two months. From an interview with the founder of the BabyCakes bakery, to tips on how you can take a month off from work, and qualities essential in a community manager, I hope you will find these articles just as interesting an inspiring as I did.

(1) Garance Doré’s Career Girl Column Profiles Erin McKenna of BabyCakes Bakery
In addition to having a wonderful blog with an incredibly genuine voice, I love that Garance Doré profiles interesting women in the fashion industry. The women featured are exactly the type of people you would want to know about, and how they became so successful. I found this one especially sweet because it’s a story about how Erin took a big risk to pursue her dream, BabyCakes. I’m currently 29, the age Erin was when she quit her job to start BabyCakes, and it’s a big risk to take when you’re already so far into your career. Read the full Q&A to see what kept her going.

(2) Harvard Business Review Blog Network: How to Take a Month Off
Before you go, “pffffffff,” at me, I think strategy consultant, Dorie Clark, is on to something. While it’s scary to think about taking that much time off, and I’m convinced that I would have a terrible time shutting down, it would be a wonderful way to recharge. If you had an entire month to spend time doing what’s important to you, what would you do? If I could afford it, I’d start in London and wander around Europe, write a ton, take photos, meet interesting people and put life priorities into perspective.

One of my favorite pathways in Regent's Park, London

So, start thinking, read this article and see if you’re inspired to put yourself out there and ask for that much time off. I bet you would finish the month in a very different place from where you started.

(3) 5 Things You Should Look For in a Community Manager
Last, but certainly not least, I’m including this story in the mix to inspire social media enthusiasts like myself. Personally, I think the role of Community Manager is one of the hottest roles in social media right now. According to this article, it appears that I’m not alone. The type of content a brand shares and the skill set required to communicate directly with fans is incredibly important. A lot of resources are poured into growing a large fan base, so once you have the fans, you need to take care of them. The role of community manager is definitely not for everyone, but if you’re passionate about engaging and communicating with people and can handle the 24/7 nature of the job, it’s a great path to consider. Check out the article and let me know if you agree.

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