Event: A Sneak Peek Inside GE’s Booth at CollegeFest

The GE booth will have this nifty looking MakerBot printing 3D prototype images.

So, there’s this event called CollegeFest this weekend at the Hynes Convention Center. It’s been more than seven years since I was in college, but I imagine it’s the kind of event you’d want to attend if you were still in school – e.g. live music and tons of exhibitors/booth’s promising interesting experiences and freebies. One of those exhibitors, GE, emailed me a sneak peek of their booth that will be outside on the plaza adjacent to the Prudential Center/Hynes Convention Center and said I could share it on my blog. I think GE’s experiential approach to celebrating innovation through marketing and social media is something we can all appreciate and learn from. So, read more for a sneak peek at what they have going on.

GE’s booth at CollegeFest celebrates modern manufacturing, invention and entrepreneurship. In addition to the above MarketBot printing 3D prototype images, here are a few examples of how they’re doing this.

Visitors can check out the GE Social Fridge, a Vintage 1939 Model refrigerator that is hacked to pop open after 10 people have checked-in via Foursquare. As a social media professional, I love this idea, especially if there’s something delicious inside. The refrigerator was apparently made by iStrategyLabs and unveiled at SXSW 2012 with cold beer inside.

Courtesy of an onsite laser -cutter, people can get a custom design etched onto their Laptop, iPad or iPhone.

Get fun items, like these mini robots made at an event in San Francisco, with GE’s injection molders.

Cool, right? By offering students opportunities to experience and engage with examples of modern manufacturing, invention and entrepreneurship firsthand, GE is promoting their culture of innovation. As a big company that is looking to raise awareness of a local hiring push to help keep students in the Boston-area after graduation, they’re also offering a level of accessibility and relatability which is also important and will aid in recruitment efforts.

And college students….as someone “older and wiser,”…save that cool swag should you ever want to interview with GE. I bet that would certainly leave a lasting impression and make for a good story to tell during your interview…

For more information and tickets (approx. $15) to CollegeFest, visit their website. To see more photos from past GE events in other cities, check out their GE Garages board on Pinterest.

All photos in this blog entry were provided by GE.

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