Good Reads: Your First Hour At Work & How To Introduce Yourself

Each week I’m reading, absorbing, learning and sharing. Two articles I shared recently on Twitter which focus on being the best version of yourself generated a big response. One article, from Fast Company, delves into what successful people do during their first hour at work. The second, from Inc., speaks to the art of the introduction and provides practical tips you can apply to the real world. Interested? Read more!

Fast Company: What Successful People Do With The First Hour Of Their Work Day

Have you ever stopped to think what the first hour of your work day looks like? Though I consider myself a very productive person, I was intrigued to learn what successful people  do to maximize that all important first hour at work. From not checking emails, to an “Hour of Power,” tackling the most cringe-worthy task, or handling customer service issues, I recommend reading this article and seeing how your first hour stacks up. While I’ll never be able to go email free for an hour, I could relate to the customer service and tackling the “frog” tips. One thing they should have included? Savoring a big cup of coffee or tea – that always gets me going during my first hour of my workday! To read the article, click here.

Inc.: Best Way to Introduce Yourself

As the author of this article points out, introducing yourself may seem simple, but the first minute in meeting someone will set the tone for your conversation and potentially your relationship with that person. I think it’s very easy for us to lead with what we do for a living – after all, we spend most of our lives at work. While I love a good business focused conversation, I also think it’s important to speak about more than work. Filled with good anecdotes, read the full article in Inc. by clicking here.

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