A Forgotten Snapshot: Boston Harbor Hotel Summer 2012

Snapped July 2012

Snapped July 2012

Ever scroll through old photos on your computer only to discover a gem that you didn’t share? One look at this photo of the Boston Harbor Hotel during July 2012 had me nostalgic for Boston in the summer. On this particular night, I had treated my good friend Jake to a birthday dinner at LTK in the Seaport district and then went to meet friends by the Boston Harbor Hotel. In the summer the hotel has a variety of events, including live jazz and movies. On this particular evening, they were playing An American in Paris on a massive screen behind the hotel. It was one of those lovely warm summer nights and people were crowded around, sipping wine and relaxing. I turned around and saw what would end up being this photo.

Now that the weather is cold and we’re bundled up in layers, looking at this photo reminds me of good friends, warm summer nights and the hope that we’ll be back there soon.

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