Happy 30th Birthday To Me!

IMG_1175After whirlwind trips to Paris and London, I came home to properly celebrate my 30th birthday. A 30th birthday comes but once in a lifetime and I couldn’t have been happier to celebrate with friends and family. And, in the true spirit of such an occasion, the celebrating actually started over Thanksgiving and continued on until December 17, my actual birthday. From champagne, to cake, s’mores, thoughtful presents and cards, I’m grateful for all of the amazing people I have in my life. Here are a few snapshots from the occasion.

Though it may not be normal to celebrate a birthday over several weeks, it was quite fun. I mean, who doesn’t like coming home for Thanksgiving only to have a Happy Birthday balloon waiting for you?



Balloons were great, but I kind of protested when my Mom so kindly brought out black napkins with “30” boldly on them.


However, once I discovered the napkins were meant to go with champagne and birthday cake I changed my tune.


Fast forward a few weeks and a hop across the pond….and it was my actual 30th birthday. A terrible, rainy Monday. I even took the day off to relax and enjoy the horrible, rainy weather. At least The 30 Minute Dinner Party came from out of town to visit me. What a great friend. She also made the most incredible homemade pizzas for my birthday party. Everyone raved about the amazing pizzas!


We’re lucky to have a working fireplace in my apartment, so guests were also encouraged to enjoy a cocktail while making their own s’mores. I was so thrilled that so many of my good friends trekked out to my apartment on such a dreary night!


As if it wasn’t a great birthday, my birthday balloon was still flying when I went home for Christmas! That’s got to mean something!




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  • Reply Jack P. Gioglio January 27, 2013 at 10:20 am

    Although I did not check the national records, The Happy Birthday balloon could have challenged the Guiness Book of World Records for well over 30 days and still flying high.

    Certainly a tribute to Jessica’s 30th!!

  • Reply 12 Photos From 2012 | The SavvyBostonian May 29, 2016 at 7:02 pm

    […] Last, but certainly not least, was my 30th birthday on December 17th. What better way to cap off an amazing year than with a milestone birthday? […]

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