Food: Trying BluePrint Raw Green Juice

IMG_2477As an equal opportunity foodist, I’ve been hearing and reading about the health benefits of green juice for ages. While in Whole Foods, I stumbled upon BluePrint’s Raw Green Juice featuring a healthy-sounding mix of kale, apple, ginger, romaine, spinach, cucumber, parsley and lemon and couldn’t help but wonder….but how does it taste?

The answer – not terrible, but definitely not great. It tastes, well, like you might expect a healthy green juice to taste. It’s mild enough and the mix is well done so that none of the ingredients are overpowering, but I’m not sure it was for me. I actually found that adding a small splash of agave helped. But, at the $10 (yikes) price tag at Whole Foods, I probably won’t be hopping on the green juice revolution. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing which is supplementing my frozen berry and banana smoothies with spinach, kale, Vega One and/or other green goodies. Not as nutritionally sound, but pretty darn tasty.

However, BluePrint also has other juice varieties that feature beets, etc., so I may have to try something a little less intimidating next time…

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