Recipe: Sweet Potato & White Bean Veggie Burgers

In my household, Sunday evening’s are made for cooking. I – almost obsessively – read food blogs and curate my personal e-mail inbox around recipes. This includes recipes I plan to try and recipes that I’ve tried and vetted. Naturally, categories are involved by recipe type. It’s a bit OCD….and I love it.

One of my recent finds comes from a Vegan blog that I enjoy – Kathy’s Healthy Happy Life. While I’m not a vegan, I believe in the health benefits in balancing my meals with vegetables. Sometimes, I also go for a completely vegetarian or vegan option – like these Sweet Potato and White Bean Veggie Burgers.


Kathy’s recipe was very easy and straightforward to make and offers plenty of substitution options. One word of caution – making homemade veggie burgers results in very messy hands. If you’re not the type to get your hands dirty, this recipe may not be for you!

I topped my burger with a green salad of arugula, edamame, peas and feta and a drizzle of bbq sauce (not pictured). For vegans, omit the cheese and maybe add in dried cranberries for a nice flavor kick.

Not including my salad, Kathy offers the following nutritional stats for 6 large or 8 smaller burgers: -Calories: 176g -Fat: 4g -Protein: 7g -Dietary Fiber: 5g -Total Carbs: 30g

To see the full recipe on Kathy’s Healthy Happy Life, click here.

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