London: An Elegant Dinner at City Social

Every so often, an evening takes you by surprise. Such was the case with a recent dinner at City Social. Between beautiful views of the city, artfully styled entrees and delicious wine, it’s been awhile since a Thursday night dinner has been so elegant – for this blogger at least!

City Social is a Michelin-starred restaurant and bar from Jason Atherton serving modern British fare. Sidebar: I love ALL of Jason Atherton’s London restaurants. Upon entry, you’re whisked up to the 24th floor where you’re greeted with dim lights and views of the city of London.

We ended up sitting in the formal dining room, but you could also opt for the lounge bar or seats at the bar itself. Once seated, we proceeded to order wine and were treated with delicious country bread and butter – my guilty pleasure. Well, one of them .

It’s worth noting that the dinner menu is a touch pricey. It’s a high-end restaurant and both the menu and the prices reflect this. I ended up going for the halibut, which came with fondant potato, turnips and crispy prawn. I was both surprised – and delighted – to see a mini work of art placed in front of me.

If you are a big eater – fair warning: the portions are not big. They fall under what I would call as European-sized versus American-sized. The portion with a generous slice of bread was perfect for me, but I imagine that for some guys, it would not be enough.

After dinner, we decided to have one more glass of wine at the bar. I would come back and try one of City Social’s cocktails – they all looked delightful. We also had a good laugh that one of the cocktails on the menu comes with cheeky little notes clipped to it. I’m a bad blogger, but I forgot which one – but ask them if you go! With the container of them within arm’s reach, we couldn’t resist playing around with them ourselves.

Our dinner at City Social was a great reminder that sometimes it’s nice to have a little splurge. I love the small, no frills local places too – but this was just one of those nights that took me by surprise – in a good way.

With my fabulous dinner date!

City Social is located at Tower 42, 25 Old Broad St, London EC2N 1HQ, UK. Visit their website here.

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