About The SavvyBostonian

JessicaGioglio Headshot4 Thank you so much for visiting The SavvyBostonian!  My name is Jessica Gioglio and I created The SavvyBostonian in October 2006 as a forum to share my thoughts, tips, and adventures around Boston and beyond. This blog is meant to be a fun extracurricular activity and in no way represents the views or opinions of my current employer.

 Interested in Pitching The SavvyBostonian?

If you’re interested in pitching my blog, I do welcome pitches to, but will caution PR people that I do have a full-time job in addition to running this blog.  I do my best to respond and only feature businesses and events that I have a strong affinity to. Please take extra care when submitting pitches and keep them relevant to my blog.

 So, What Do I Do Besides Blogging?

Many of the things I enjoy end up being featured on my blog.  I live in Boston and am always out and about trying new restaurants and nightspots.  I also frequently write about fashion, delicious recipes, good reads, my travels and best practices in social media.

Professionally, I work in the Boston-area in social media.  I’ve always had a passion for digital storytelling and content development and have been fortunate to learn from amazing leaders in the space. I am also the co-author of The Power of Visual Storytelling, an inspiring and hugely useful book on how to leverage images, videos and other visuals on social media to market your brand.

Fun fact: I actually became involved in social media by running this blog and developing corporate blogs for companies (check out my story).

To Contact The SavvyBostonian

To connect with me, please feel free to send your questions or feedback via email to, or to @savvybostonian on Twitter.  Thanks again for stopping by!