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Beauty: Sephora by OPI Nonfat Soy Half Caff Nail Colour

IMG_1032Though I adore treating myself to a proper manicure, there’s not always time. Luckily, I continue to amass a fabulous collection of nail polish. I love the nude nail polish trend, but wasn’t sure the best shade to select to pair with my, erm, super pale complexion. Thankfully, a friend took the guess work out of the equation by gifting me Sephora’s Nonfat Soy Half Caff nail color (you know how I love my coffee!). A few shades darker than my skin tone, the color comes off as a stylish nude shade that’s perfectly professional. I prefer it on my finger nails to toenails. In terms of wear, I sometimes find that it chips before the end of the week with three coats on, but the shade color makes it easy to hide!

The shade is available in store or on




Beauty: A Pop of Color with Clarins Lipstick

IMG_2167While at a wedding recently, a friend remarked, “I’m impressed that we are well into cocktail hour and your lipstick is still holding strong.” It’s not often that someone comments and compliments my lip color, but I suppose that’s to be expected when embracing the bright color hues of the season. Though admittedly a little late to the pop of color trend, I’ve been making up for lost time.

The lipstick discussed during the conversation was gifted to me by the team at Clarins Paris. On that evening I was sipping champagne and smiling with 04 tropical pink, but I was also given 09 juicy clementine and 11 passion red to try. It’s been fun to perk up a more neutral or simple outfit with a pop of color.

Part of the Rouge Eclat series, the lipstick is described as, “satin finish age-defying lipstick.” Made with a special Nutri-Youth Complex, the lipstick is designed to nourish and protect your lips and keep them more youthful looking. I’ll smile to that!

The Rouge Eclat lipsticks are $26 each and can be found on the Clarins website.

Yours truly wearing 11 passion red

Yours truly wearing 11 passion red

The SavvyBostonian was gifted the lipsticks discussed and additional beauty items from Clarins Paris. Any products featured on The SavvyBoston are ones she would later purchase herself.


Beauty: William Tell Me About OPI Nail Polish


Yes, this is actually my hand!

Though I adore a good mani/pedi, some times a girl needs to paint her own nails. Over Halloween, I was short on time and snapped up a new OPI nail polish at CVS called, “William Tell Me About.” Described as a deep vampy purple, the shade looks nearly black after several coats. While I’m not sold on a color this dark on my fingernails due to my pale complexion, I did love it on my toenails.

After some digging, I found out that this color was part of OPI’s 2010 Swiss Collection. Seriously, a 2010 collection and CVS is just getting it?! Is that normal? Luckily, I like the color and the polish goes on just fine, so I’ll keep it in my nail polish rotation. Given that this color is apparently “outdated,” it’s challenging to find online, but I did manage to see some for sale on for $10 if you’re interested.