May 2016 In Photos

Time flies when you’re having fun! With longer days and warmer weather in London, I spent lots of time outside. I also traveled more than usual with a weekend jaunt to Bruges in Belgium, followed by a week in Boston, Connecticut and NYC, all before coming back to London for the Bank Holiday weekend. Here are my photo highlights!



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London: Incredible Small Plates At The Providores

Please allow me to introduce you to a delightful small plates place called The Providores on Marylebone High Street. Specializing in innovative fusion food, The Providores also apparently serves London’s largest range of New Zealand premium wines – aka a homerun in my book.

The Providores has two levels, with the upstairs a more formal dining room and the downstairs a casual walk-in spot that doesn’t take reservations. As a result, you’ll often see people lingering around outside, especially on the weekends for their legendary brunch.

On this visit, we opted for a few of my favorites to share. The first was Laksa, a smoked coconut, a prawn and lemongrass dumpling soup with green tea noodles, crispy shallots and coriander. The restaurant was nice enough to split the portion for us to share.


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London: Weekend Strolls in Regent’s Park

Ah, Regent’s Park. My absolute favorite park in London! With 395 acres to explore, including the Queen Mary’s Gardens which features more than 12,000 roses, there is so much to love about this amazing park. Here are a few photo highlights from my recent stroll there.


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