Travel: A 48-Hour Stopover in Iceland

I recently had the pleasure of spending 48 hours in Iceland with friends from Boston as part of an Iceland Air stopover trip. Never heard of a stopover trip before? Iceland Air’s concept is brilliant. Travelers can fly from the U.S. to cities in Europe and the UK (or vice versa) for inexpensive rates with a 48-hour (ish) stopover in Iceland. The end result becomes a diverse, yet incredibly fun trip.

As I am currently based out of London, I decided to join my friends for the 48-hour Iceland stopover portion of the trip. Iceland is a three-hour flight from London, so why not!? With limited time in Iceland, here’s how we spent our 48-hours exploring sites like The Blue Lagoon, The Golden Circle and the city of Reykjavik.


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London: Brunching At Ottolenghi in Islington

With four locations around London, the food and atmosphere is just divine at Ottolenghi. While I’ve been several times before, I had never been for brunch –up until recently, that is.

I met a friend at the Islington location in Angel. While Ottolenghi does take reservations now via OpenTable, we were not that organized and queued up with the hope that the wait would not be long. Luckily, with only two of us, our wait was not terrible.

We sat across from one another at the restaurant’s long communal table and immediately started to peek around at what everyone else was eating. I opted for a Za’atar Frittata with a cappuccino and my friend the Shakshuka and a fresh mint tea. Look at how stunning the fresh mint tea is.


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Workouts: 3 New Cardio / HIIT Videos To Try!

As it’s a new year, I am playing around with new content for the blog. Something that I haven’t written much about, despite being a passion of mine, is fitness. While I do not pretend to be a fitness professional by any means, I do believe in living an active, healthy lifestyle – even if you’re crazy busy!

A busy working professional hack that I’ve uncovered are workout videos. The internet – and YouTube especially – is a treasure trove of 10-30 minute workout videos. It’s the perfect way for a busy, on-the-go person to sneak in a workout – even if you are traveling, cannot get to the gym….or the weather in London is miserable!

So, as I uncover workouts that I like, I will curate them in small groups and share them on my blog. I also plan to keep a tab with links to them all so you can browse and bookmark the ones you like too!

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London: A Delightful New Year’s Dinner at NOPI

I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of New Year’s Eve. In my opinion, it’s a little over-hyped and I’ve always thought that people put a little too much pressure on themselves to have a perfect night. So, when a dear friend suggested that we opt for a late dinner at NOPI in London, I knew this was the right mix of festive and fun without going too crazy!

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