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Recipe: Oil-Free Maple Cinnamon Date Almond Granola from The Chic Life

IMG_7205I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I consume a greek yogurt parfait way too often (e.g. multiple times per week). Guess that’s what happens when you’re super busy during the work week and don’t have much time to cook. My favorite combo? Fage 2% greek yogurt with cinnamon stirred in, a gala apple (chilled in the fridge) and a little museli or granola to top it off. There’s also the occasional drizzle of raw agave nectar (yum).

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Updated Recipe: Apricot Almond Muffins via Choosing Raw

IMG_1002I previously wrote about this amazing grab ‘n’ go breakfast muffin recipe during May 2013, but made them again last night and couldn’t resist re-sharing!

I love experimenting with new cooking and baking techniques. While I’m an equal opportunity eater (e.g. meat, dairy), I have no problem going vegetarian or vegan for a meal or baked good depending on my mood and cravings. During an especially busy week, I made these delightful apricot almond muffins to grab & go for my morning commute. Discovered on the Choosing Raw blog, they are made with a mix of flour, almond flour, dried apricots, coconut oil and more. Let’s just say that I loved them and they also passed the roommate test!

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Recipe: Raspberry Oat Bars via Choosing Raw (Vegan)

IMG_1760A vegan take on the traditional raspberry oat streusel bar, these bars were far too addicting – in a good way. Though listed as a breakfast recipe, I found it to be more like dessert, or a sweet treat to enjoy with an afternoon coffee or tea break.

I discovered the recipe from Choosing Raw. Originally listed as blueberry oat bars, I made the swap for raspberry preserves that I already had at home. My favorite jam comes from Bonne Maman – from the raspberry, to blueberry, strawberry and fig, I haven’t tried a jam from this company yet that I didn’t like.

The recipe is fairly easy and takes advantage of ingredients that you probably already have at home. The only challenge I had was with the vegan streusel topping. I’m not quite sure it came out right, but the end result was delicious, prompting compliments from my roommate.

All in all, I would make this recipe again. To view this recipe in its entirety, visit the Choosing Raw blog for the link.

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Recipe: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies (Vegan)

IMG_1120Prepare yourself to be wowed with these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. With their delightful orange hue, mix of savory-sweet spices and chocolate chips, these cookies are addicting. I served them for a dinner party waaaaay back when and cannot believe that I have not blogged about them (bad, bad blogger). Though vegan, my friends could not tell the difference!

The recipe for these cookies comes from the Healthy. Happy. Life blog, which I just love. It’s a vegan blog and even though I’m not vegan, I enjoy cooking with a lot of vegetables – something this blog offers in abundance. I also really like the creative smoothie ideas, such as freezing cubes of watermelon to use in a smoothie. Seriously next level stuff, right? 🙂

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Memorial Day Weekend: Strolls, Shopping & Cooking

IMG_2726I’m currently in the middle of what’s inarguably the busiest time in my life. So much to do and so little time, but it’s all for a very good reason (more on that in the coming weeks!). So, while many flee the city for Memorial Day Weekend, I hunkered down at home to work on my latest project. But, as the old adage goes – all work and no play makes The SavvyBostonian a dull girl, so I did enjoy a few simple delights over the weekend. From strolls, to a bit of shopping and cooking, here are a few highlights from a relaxed Memorial Day Weekend.

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