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Fab Finds: September 2017

As another month comes to a close, I am excited to share my fab finds. In September, I scored a mix of lovely new skincare and beauty items, plus chic apparel and footwear classics. From a fab moisturizer for dry skin, to an anti-aging wonder, the absolute best concealer for covering dark eye circles, two amazing brow makeup items, my favorite jeans, a chic blazer, the perfect fall blouse and the most comfortable ballet flats, here are my nine fab finds of September 2017.

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Beauty: William Tell Me About OPI Nail Polish


Yes, this is actually my hand!

Though I adore a good mani/pedi, some times a girl needs to paint her own nails. Over Halloween, I was short on time and snapped up a new OPI nail polish at CVS called, “William Tell Me About.” Described as a deep vampy purple, the shade looks nearly black after several coats. While I’m not sold on a color this dark on my fingernails due to my pale complexion, I did love it on my toenails.

After some digging, I found out that this color was part of OPI’s 2010 Swiss Collection. Seriously, a 2010 collection and CVS is just getting it?! Is that normal? Luckily, I like the color and the polish goes on just fine, so I’ll keep it in my nail polish rotation. Given that this color is apparently “outdated,” it’s challenging to find online, but I did manage to see some for sale on for $10 if you’re interested.