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On The Town: Brunch at Tatte Bakery & Cafe

PicFrameWhile you never want a good weekend to end, a delightful brunch always helps close out several days of leisure on a high note. Inspired by my dear friend G who was visiting, we decided to try Tatte Bakery & Cafe in Kendall Square. It’s been on my radar for some time and after a delightful meal, I’m a little ashamed that I haven’t come sooner.

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Photo: A Grey, But Beautiful Boston Day

IMG_4621As this photo proves, there’s even beauty in a grey day. Snapped during a walk from Kendall Square to the Back Bay, I love how the pop of color from the boats perfectly compliments the shades of grey.


Fashion Update: Anthropologie’s Newish Store in Harvard Square

During a fantastically long walk from the Back Bay to Harvard Square, I was delighted to stumble upon Anthropologie’s new store. Located in the old Crate & Barrel space on Brattle Street, the store may carry the same merchandise as its Boylston Street counterpart, but shopping in the airy, multilevel store offers customers an entirely unique experience.

I’ve always admired Anthropologie’s ability to create a signature retail personality; the interior of their stores go above and beyond to translate its hip, bohemian, feminine, stylish and worldly character. The innovative decor at the Cambridge store lives up to the brand’s quirky yet cool vibe, from the funky bed pictured on the left, to a pile of books and book pages glued upside down across a wide area of the ceiling – a work of art in its own right.

What differentiates the new Cambridge location from the Back Bay store are their layouts. The Back Bay store has a more distinct entrance marked with a dramatic, large door that’s very noticeable along bustling Boylston Street. Inside, there are two levels divided by a grand, sweeping staircase. In Harvard Square, the entrance is simple, but the store’s five levels are lined with floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing for lots of natural light. Plus, wandering around the five levels made the shopping experience feel more like a treasure hunt, which I loved.

Speaking of treasures, here are my top three Anthropologie must-haves of the moment:
1. Samhain Dress (pictured left),$258
2. Sequin Flame Blazer, $158
3. Golden Fleece Bolero, $158

The more I think about it, the stores really are perfect for their respective neighborhoods. Definitely check out Anthropologie’s new Harvard Square store the next time you’re in the neighborhood and let me know if you agree or disagree. I personally can’t wait to go back and see how they each get decked out for holiday season.

Anthropologie is located at 48 Brattle Street in Harvard Square, Cambridge.


The Weekend: October 23-24

Head of the Charles by sauvagenoble from Flickr

Time for another fabulous Boston weekend. With November nipping at our heels and the cold weather not too far behind, I’m making it my mission to be outside as much as possible before phrases like “snow,” “wind chill,” and “below zero” become the norm. As a result? This weekend I’m embracing outdoor events that I can also walk to.

Here are my top picks for the weekend in Boston. Walking to them is completely optional:

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On the Town: Andala and Toscanini’s

I recently returned from a trip to the West Coast, where I frequently took comfort in cozy cafes and far too many sweet treats.  Still basking in vacation bliss, I was inspired to spend a weekend afternoon walking from the Back Bay, to Harvard Square.  During this jaunt, I popped into two local eateries in Central Square for small snacks or treats.  The result is a delicious snapshot of an afternoon savored in Cambridge.

Fresh Tabouli Salad Plate at Andala

I started the day by enjoying a light lunch at one of my favorite cafes, Andala in Central Square.  Inspired by Old Jerusalem, Andala has a great menu with light, yet flavorful plates for sharing, in addition to sandwiches, coffee and pastries.  It’s a great place for getting work done (don’t be surprised by the many local students lingering over their laptops), a casual date, meal with friends, or solo diner like myself.  As pictured below, I enjoyed a fresh Tabouli Salad Plate for $7.95.  Andala is located at 286 Franklin Street in Central Square, Cambridge.

Toscanini's Goat Cheese Brownie Ice Cream

Moving from savory to sweet, I celebrated (er, counterbalanced?) my day of walking with Toscanini’s Goat Cheese Brownie Ice Cream (see picture here).  Slightly tangy from the goat cheese yet sweet from the rich chocolate brownie chunks, I’d proceed with caution if you’re not a goat cheese fan.  Luckily, I adore goat cheese and really enjoyed this unique treat.  At $3.85 for one scoop, it’s a perfect treat for a foodie like myself who enjoys an opportunity to try unique flavors (next I want to try Salted Caramel and Bourbon).  Toscanini’s is located at 899 Main Street in Cambridge, near MIT.