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London: Enjoying The Frieze Art Fair Sculptures in Regent’s Park

Over the weekend, I took full advantage of the warm, sunny weather in London to go for a run in Regent’s Park. Much to my surprise – and delight – I discovered that the Frieze Art Fair sculptures are back up again in the park. For those not familiar with the Frieze Art Fair, it is an international contemporary art fair that takes place every October in London’s Regent’s Park. While the fair itself charges a ticket fee, the sculptures are free for all visitors to the park to enjoy – from July to October 8! Here are a few of my favorites.

John Chamberlain, FIDDLERSFORTUNE (2010), Gagosian, Frieze Sculpture 2017.

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London: A Delightful New Year’s Dinner at NOPI

I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of New Year’s Eve. In my opinion, it’s a little over-hyped and I’ve always thought that people put a little too much pressure on themselves to have a perfect night. So, when a dear friend suggested that we opt for a late dinner at NOPI in London, I knew this was the right mix of festive and fun without going too crazy!

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February 2015 In Photos

February was another action packed month. From exploring London, to finding a flat and a quick hop to freezing New York, I don’t think I stopped moving!

The month started with an epic meal at Hakkasan in Mayfair.


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Highlights From The Weekend In Boston

photo-5With Mother Nature finally granting Boston some spring-like weather, it was a fantastic weekend to be out and about. Add in Bruins and Red Sox games, plus Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger and the city was positively bustling. From great runs and walks, to seeing friends and an out of town adventure, here’s how I spent my weekend.

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