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London: A Divine Pre-Fixe Meal At Baltic

Corporate dinners can often be heavy and unimaginative. Thankfully, this is not true when it comes to Baltic, a restaurant in Southwark specializing in the cuisines of Eastern and Central Europe.

While the restaurant offers 70+ different types of vodka, I played it safe and instead opted for a Spiced Pear Mojito, made from house infused Pear Vodka churned with fresh Lime, Mint, Cinnamon syrup, Pressed Apple Juice and Angostura bitters topped with soda water.


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Adventures in Floral Arranging (part one)

IMG_4644To me, fresh flowers are small yet wonderful luxury. A small goal of mine this year is to get better at arranging fresh flowers. As it’s something that does not come naturally to me, I decided to start with something simple. I picked up these hydrangea blooms at Trader Joe’s for about six dollars and was pretty pleased with the end result.

Stay tuned for more adventures in floral arranging!


Happy 30th Birthday To Me!

IMG_1175After whirlwind trips to Paris and London, I came home to properly celebrate my 30th birthday. A 30th birthday comes but once in a lifetime and I couldn’t have been happier to celebrate with friends and family. And, in the true spirit of such an occasion, the celebrating actually started over Thanksgiving and continued on until December 17, my actual birthday. From champagne, to cake, s’mores, thoughtful presents and cards, I’m grateful for all of the amazing people I have in my life. Here are a few snapshots from the occasion.

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Easy Entertaining: Three Colorful and Delicious Dinner Party Salads

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, or planning a special at home dinner, a delicious salad can leave a lasting impression. To truly wow your dinner companions, think beyond the traditional “house salad” of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and carrots and seek inspiration from vibrant fruit, crunchy vegetables, flavorful cheese and tangy dressing. Here are three colorful and delicious salad ideas to get you started!

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Easy Entertaining: Hosting an Elegant At-Home Bridal Shower

Editor’s Note: It must be wedding season, because this useful blog entry I wrote two years ago is getting a lot of hits lately. In the spirit of sharing, I’m re-publishing for new blog readers. Enjoy!

The prospect of throwing an at-home bridal shower can seem daunting – and rightfully so, as it is a lot of work.  The sooner you accept that it’s far more significant and detail-oriented than your average dinner party, the better.  It’s (hopefully) a once-in-a-lifetime event for the bride and it should come off as flawless.  No pressure, right?

English Tea Themed Bridal Shower Treats

Reality check aside, if you love to entertain, hosting an at-home bridal shower is also very rewarding.  It’s incredibly fun to pick a theme, design a menu, decorate and celebrate your friend or family member’s upcoming wedding.

Here are 7 tips on hosting an elegant event to remember:

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