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Workouts: 3 New Cardio / HIIT Videos To Try!

As it’s a new year, I am playing around with new content for the blog. Something that I haven’t written much about, despite being a passion of mine, is fitness. While I do not pretend to be a fitness professional by any means, I do believe in living an active, healthy lifestyle – even if you’re crazy busy!

A busy working professional hack that I’ve uncovered are workout videos. The internet – and YouTube especially – is a treasure trove of 10-30 minute workout videos. It’s the perfect way for a busy, on-the-go person to sneak in a workout – even if you are traveling, cannot get to the gym….or the weather in London is miserable!

So, as I uncover workouts that I like, I will curate them in small groups and share them on my blog. I also plan to keep a tab with links to them all so you can browse and bookmark the ones you like too!

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London: Soaking Up The Sunshine in Hyde Park

I’m incredibly fortunate to be walking distance from so much of central London. Often times this means a good 30-45 minute walk, but on a warm, sunny day, there’s nothing better! Hyde Park offers a range of sights, from long grassy stretches to savor a picnic, or paddle boats along the Serpentine, each stroll in the park can be a new adventure. Here are some snapshots from my weekend stroll.

Green grass and blue skies as far as the eye can see

Green grass and blue skies as far as the eye can see

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Highlights From The Weekend In Boston

photo-5With Mother Nature finally granting Boston some spring-like weather, it was a fantastic weekend to be out and about. Add in Bruins and Red Sox games, plus Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger and the city was positively bustling. From great runs and walks, to seeing friends and an out of town adventure, here’s how I spent my weekend.

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Fitness: Check Out My Fitbit Helicopter Badge


Ever since being gifted my Fitbit at LeWeb Paris ’12, I’ve fallen hard for it. I love how small it is and easy to clip onto my clothing. As someone who drives to work, it’s very helpful to see just how much (or how little…really), I walk during the day. It’s become a good motivator on days that I’m feeling slow and reminds me not to overextend myself when I’ve already walked, say, six miles during one day. So, imagine my delight when I was informed of climbing 500+ stairs just one month and a half after being given my sweet Fitbit!

For more information on Fitbit, visit their website.

The SavvyBostonian was gifted a FitBit ($99) as a speaker gift at LeWeb Paris ’12 and has been wearing it obsessively ever since.