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Bostonians React to Whitey Bulger’s Arrest

One newspaper stopped the presses in time

I almost didn’t believe it this morning when I turned on the TV in my Nashville hotel room and heard the news of Whitey Bulger’s arrest. My first thought? I instantly wished that I was in Boston, hearing the news coverage firsthand from the Boston news outlets. One of my friends phrased it perfectly when they said, “Cannot believe they finally caught Whitey Bulger. Not sure if folks outside of Boston understand how big of deal his capture is in this city.”

I lieu of being in Boston to chat about the story with friends and colleagues, I turned to Facebook and Twitter, both of which were brimming with comments. While many touched upon the significance of Bulger’s arrest, sharing news articles and commentary, others went in an entirely different direction. The blessing and curse of social media sites is that people can say anything they want and Bulger’s notable arrest is no exception.

As a result, I couldn’t resist sharing some of the entertaining posts and tweets I found on Facebook and Twitter – names removed to protect the commentators:

1. Osama’s dead….Bruins won the cup….and now they caught Whitey….WOW.

2. You had a good run Whitey, all good things come to an end.

3. I also enjoy a nice trip to Santa Monica. Good choice, Whitey.

4. OJ confesses and Whitey is captured in the same day. I’m sure there’s an Obama press conference taking credit coming.

5. Boss is all excited that Whitey is in the news. “His brother signed my diploma from UMass” – And people wonder why I got hired.

6. Whitey and I were apparently both in Santa Monica today.

7. Ah #WhiteyBulger looks like a sweet old man in his booking photo.

8. Will there now be a sequel to The Departed?

9. Love the idea I’ve seen on Twitter a few times today, that any news reader doing a piece about #WhiteyBulger should use a Southie accent.

10. Will they bring #WhiteyBulger home on a Duck Boat?

What was your reaction to the news of Whitey Bulger’s arrest?


Hey Bostonians – What About Boston Are You Thankful For This Thanksgiving?

I'm Thankful for the Boston Public Garden, One of My Favorite Boston Spots. Photo by mdurwin2 from Flickr

As we all know, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what we’re thankful for in life.  Which, got me thinking – as Bostonians, what are we thankful for in this great city that we call home?

So, I decided to do a little crowd-sourcing on Twitter to my @savvybostonian followers, plus I posted messages on my personal Facebook page and emailed a diverse group of Boston area friends so see what they would come up with.

The goal in posing this question was that anything goes. I wanted answers that were all over the board – from simple, to funny, sacrastic, or sentimental.  Lucky for me (and you), that’s exactly what I got.

From sweet to sassy, here is what a sample of your fellow Bostonians are thankful for this year:

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RIP Canon PowerShot A1100

Last night, my beloved digital camera met its maker. I had just arrived at a Halloween soiree and was snapping photos with friends. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked the guy in the zebra print spandex to take my photo. Maybe I shouldn’t have been holding onto a very full beverage when I was handed back the camera. Lots of different scenarios have played out in my mind, but ultimately my digital camera looks like a goner.

The photo to the left was taken on my BlackBerry Bold (3.2 megapixels, baby!). And, yes, it’s a container filled with rice and my camera. According to my roommate, “soaking” a camera in a container filled with rice is a way to remove the moisture and may help bring your camera back to life. So far, I haven’t been able to resuscitate it using this method.  But, I’m willing to keep it in there longer and see if it could help.

As a tribute to the good times we’ve had together, here are a few of my favorite photos from my Canon PowerShot A1100 during better times:

We dabbled in food photography, inspired by the delicious pizzas made by Gabi Logan of The 30 Minute Dinner Party.

We celebrated the holidays in style.

We successfully hosted a soiree in an apartment void of furniture.

We threw a bridal shower in a perfectly furnished house.

We watched our very best friend get married.

RIP Canon PowerShot A1100. It’s been fun!


The Good, The Bad, and The Muffin Top: Boston Men Comment on Women’s Fashion

Think that men don’t care much about what we wear?  Think again.  Inspired by a conversation I had recently with a male friend at the Liberty Hotel after a woman walked by in over-the-knee black leather boots, lacy black tights, and a skintight red mini dress, I sat down with a few guys to hear their opinions on women’s fashion.

Turns out that guys do pay attention to what we wear, and their opinions are actually pretty funny.  When the aforementioned scantily clad woman walked by us at Clink, I expected a leer, but instead I saw a look of shock and horror register on my friend’s face.  He even went so far as to joke that she may be a woman “on a mission,” or worse, a call girl.

Apparently, less is more.  The guys I spoke to do want to see evidence of a rockin’ figure, but they don’t need or want all of your goodies hanging out.  Save that for later, preferably behind closed doors.  One of their top pet peeves? The dreaded muffin top!  Not only do they notice, but it’s also a major turnoff.  Clothing that could pass for maternity wear was also highlighted as a frustration.

Basics aside, we delved deeper into fashion and trends.  One insightful male listed a gripe as, “fashion for the sake of fashion.”  Overly trendy is not appealing unless it also happens to be figure flattering.  He bluntly continued, “If your outfit doesn’t make me want to sleep with you, then game over.”  Doesn’t Patti Stanger of Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker say that in every episode?!

Then, things just got nit picky.  Take leggings for example – apparently these guys think skin is in when it comes to your gams.  Yes, even in the middle of a Boston winter.  Full tights aren’t horrible, but forget about three quarter length tights – these guys abhor them.  They also didn’t understand the appeal a fur coat, with one male saying that it reminded him of a, “Seventy year old Russian woman.”  Something else that men think prematurely ages you?  Too much makeup.  Yes, they do notice a caked on face.

Finally, the age old debate over women’s shoes began.  Most of the men at the table could care less about your choice in footwear, unless of course you happen to be sporting Uggs, which sparked a far too lengthy debate at the table.  One shining star, however, admitted that he thought women’s high heeled shoes were sexy, but then again, he is originally from Montreal.

Take these comments as you will, and by all means, let me know if there are any other trends that I should inquire about.  These guys are extremely eager to share their opinions and I love it.  Thanks for your help guys!!