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London: Delightful Greek Food At Opso Marylebone

If you like fresh and healthy greek food in the form of sharable small plates, you’re in luck. I recently discovered Opso in Marylebone and am now smitten. Between a vibrant atmosphere, innovative cocktails with greek liquors and a wide range of sharable small plates, Opso ticks off many boxes.

Opso is located in Marylebone and its inspiration comes from its name, which means, “a delectable morsel of food, a delicacy.” The restaurant serves breakfast/weekend brunch, lunch and dinner. I went recently for dinner and a drink at the bar. Here’s what I ordered.


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London: Incredible Small Plates At The Providores

Please allow me to introduce you to a delightful small plates place called The Providores on Marylebone High Street. Specializing in innovative fusion food, The Providores also apparently serves London’s largest range of New Zealand premium wines – aka a homerun in my book.

The Providores has two levels, with the upstairs a more formal dining room and the downstairs a casual walk-in spot that doesn’t take reservations. As a result, you’ll often see people lingering around outside, especially on the weekends for their legendary brunch.

On this visit, we opted for a few of my favorites to share. The first was Laksa, a smoked coconut, a prawn and lemongrass dumpling soup with green tea noodles, crispy shallots and coriander. The restaurant was nice enough to split the portion for us to share.


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Highlights from Easter Weekend In London

Who doesn’t love a good bank holiday weekend!? It’s not common to get two whole days off for Easter in the U.S., so I was determined to enjoy the long weekend.

I arrived in London on Friday morning, jet-lagged and hazy from the Red Eye. Luckily, I made up for my daytime snoozing with plenty of exploring, good food and even a dash of pampering.

So, how did I fare? I’ll let you see for yourself.

Saturday: Strolling In Regent’s Park

What better way to burn the jet lag off than by strolling in my favorite park in London? One of London’s Royal Parks, Regents Park is 395 acres of charming gardens, hedges, lakes and even a few athletic fields for good measure. Although I didn’t venture far, I did spend a little time in the Inner Circle, which is home to the Queen’s Rose Garden. Sadly, no roses yet!

The Regent's Park gates

The Regent’s Park gates

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