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Bostonians React to Whitey Bulger’s Arrest

One newspaper stopped the presses in time

I almost didn’t believe it this morning when I turned on the TV in my Nashville hotel room and heard the news of Whitey Bulger’s arrest. My first thought? I instantly wished that I was in Boston, hearing the news coverage firsthand from the Boston news outlets. One of my friends phrased it perfectly when they said, “Cannot believe they finally caught Whitey Bulger. Not sure if folks outside of Boston understand how big of deal his capture is in this city.”

I lieu of being in Boston to chat about the story with friends and colleagues, I turned to Facebook and Twitter, both of which were brimming with comments. While many touched upon the significance of Bulger’s arrest, sharing news articles and commentary, others went in an entirely different direction. The blessing and curse of social media sites is that people can say anything they want and Bulger’s notable arrest is no exception.

As a result, I couldn’t resist sharing some of the entertaining posts and tweets I found on Facebook and Twitter – names removed to protect the commentators:

1. Osama’s dead….Bruins won the cup….and now they caught Whitey….WOW.

2. You had a good run Whitey, all good things come to an end.

3. I also enjoy a nice trip to Santa Monica. Good choice, Whitey.

4. OJ confesses and Whitey is captured in the same day. I’m sure there’s an Obama press conference taking credit coming.

5. Boss is all excited that Whitey is in the news. “His brother signed my diploma from UMass” – And people wonder why I got hired.

6. Whitey and I were apparently both in Santa Monica today.

7. Ah #WhiteyBulger looks like a sweet old man in his booking photo.

8. Will there now be a sequel to The Departed?

9. Love the idea I’ve seen on Twitter a few times today, that any news reader doing a piece about #WhiteyBulger should use a Southie accent.

10. Will they bring #WhiteyBulger home on a Duck Boat?

What was your reaction to the news of Whitey Bulger’s arrest?


Saturday, April 10: Get Your Zen on at the Boldfacers Yoga Pop-Up Store

Weekends were made for breathing easy. Embrace your inner yogi this Saturday with Boldfacers as they bring together some of Boston’s best instructors for a day of bonding and stretching. From 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., try a yoga class, sample vegan eats and smoothies, then hit the pop-up store chock full of athletic apparel, candles, jewelry, mats and more.

Held at the Boldfacers studio in South Boston, yoga classes are $20 each or $40 unlimited for the day. In addition to yoga classes, shopping and food, guests can also try a Dosha reading or sway to the live bongo drum music.

The Boldfacers studio is located at 15 Channel Center Street in South Boston.  For more information about Saturday’s event, please click here.


Could MTV’s Jersey Shore Come to Southie?

Love it, or hate it, MTV has renewed its controversial hit, Jersey Shore, for a second season.  Immediately after it was announced by the cast live on the Today Show, rumors started flying as to where they would film their next season.  Adding fuel to the fire, MTV’s Remote Control Blog launched a site poll asking readers where the show should be set, and somehow hotspots like South Boston, Detroit, Skywalker Ranch and The Congo (seriously?) made the cut.  Miami, Cabo, LA, and Ibiza were also up for consideration.

Beach Photo By Jessica Gioglio

Perhaphs it was local pride, or a strange desire to see guidos outside of theirelement, but South Boston came in second in MTV’s poll.  Detroit came out on top (again…seriously?).  I sincerely doubt that Boston is even a contender for the next season, but all of my friends in Southie said that they’d pay money to see the cast try to fist pump their way into the Blackthorn.  I’m guessing that it would get ugly really quickly.

So, where should the Jersey Shore cast get down in Boston?  Personally, I’d like to see them try the mechanical bull at the Liquor Store, and I bet their energetic dance moves would be a hit at Underbar.  I’d also like to see the ladies at Jacques have a Snooki impersonation night.  As for employment, I’m thinking Duck Tour operator?  My local beach expert GroupieL0ve suggested Revere Beach and Hampton Beach as prime spots to put the “T” in “GTL,” (gym-tan-laundry).