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Cocktail: Beehive Julep

IMG_0137Although this cocktail is no longer on the menu at The Beehive, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You can still order it! Called the Beehive Julep, it contains with rum, clementine liqueur, OJ, muddled mint, orange, and limes and ice. The end result is slightly sweet, refreshing and a touch tart. It’s been a favorite for years.

Want to make one at home? Here’s the recipe. Want to try it from the experts? Visit the Beehive, located at 541 Tremont Street, in Boston’s South End. Definitely try to go on a night when there’s live jazz as well – you won’t be disappointed!


On The Town: Brunchin’ With Dad at Cinquecento

IMG_0136A recent brunch with my Father reminded me just how much I adore Cinquecento – even if I have a hard time pronouncing this delicious restaurant’s name. From it’s Italian brunch entrees, to friendly staff and gorgeous interior, our meal out was a great reminder to try Cinquecento for more than just dinner or drinks.


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On the Town: A Fabulous 29th Birthday at 28 Degrees

Photo Courtesy of 28 Degrees

Sometimes you don’t find the right birthday party venue, it finds you. Case and point with my 29th birthday celebration last month. I had what I thought was the perfect birthday celebration planned. A nice little soiree at The Beehive. I imagined being surrounded by friends savoring Beehive Juleps, live jazz and good conversation.

The reality? The Beehive is typically all of these things – and then some (do try the mussels for dinner sometime). Unfortunately, on the night of my birthday it was overcrowded with a long line outside on a very chilly night. Add in an unsympathetic door man and frozen friends and you have a not so happy birthday girl.

The solution? 28 Degrees! One phone call to 28 Degrees to confirm that there was no line or wait, and I was whisking my friends down the street. Inside, we found great music, delicious cocktails and plenty of space to command. C’est magnifique! In the end, I got exactly what I had wanted and then some. I couldn’t imagine a better venue to host a birthday party at than 28 Degrees.

The moral of the story? If you’ve got a large group gathering, don’t waste your time on a bar that has the potential to be overcrowded. Look for a venue that’s easy to get into with good music, good drinks and plenty of space to hang. I know I will from now on!

28 Degrees is located at 1 Appleton Street in Boston’s South End. 


Saturday, Dec. 10: Eat Boutique Holiday Local Market and SoWa Holiday Market

‘Tis the season for fun and festive events. Fresh off a lovely wedding in New Hampshire at a cozy venue complete with a roaring fire, 15 foot Christmas tree and rustic-chic holiday decorations galore, I’m ready to embrace the holiday season. Lucky for me (and you!), there are two great holiday themed local markets to enjoy this weekend: The Eat Boutique Holiday Local Market and SoWa Holiday Market.

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Closed! Three Hotspots I’m Missing in 2011

Rocca by SoWa Sundays from Flickr

As I look forward to many nights on the town in 2011, I can help but feel a twinge of sadness that three of my go-to hotspots – Rocca, Vox and Ginger Park – are no longer open.

Ginger Park closed in early December and according to the blog Dishing, chef/owner Patricia Yeo is reportedly scouting out another space for a new restaurant concept in May.  What I’ll remember is the incredibly cool space framed by arched wood panels, fantastic drinks and a chill bar scene.

Following a New Year’s Eve dinner, Rocca surprised local foodies by closing its doors.  Adding to the buzz was whether the restaurant’s celebrity chef Tiffani Faison may be interested in opening her own place.  We can only hope that a fun new restaurant concept takes its place, because I’ll remember Rocca’s free parking lot, swanky interior and affordably priced menu for making it a great venue for meeting friends from all corners of the city for a workweek dinner.

Last, but certainly not least, Vox on Boylston Street has also closed.  Unfortunately, googling has not generated much background as to why the fun nightspot closed, but we can only hope that its prime Back Bay real estate will result in another fun bar/restaurant before we know it.  I’ll remember many lively happy hours and nights out on the town!

Got any scoop about soon-to-be restaurants and hotspots filling these venues? Leave a comment below and let me know!